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Buy ringtones is a site that offers you ringtones, wallpapers and more. We try to do this so simple as possible. No supscrition, just order what you see. A lot off ringtones are from the Netherlands. So you will find some ringtones you that you never heard before. And this make it unique when you life outside of the Netherlands. Let youre friends here a ringtones they won't have. When you have some questions, or suggestioms mail us to


Just simple and easy the latest ringtones on your mobile? You find them all here. Not difficult, clear and without subscription !!! Search in your favorite category and click on the ringtone. In the screen that appears, select the country, enter your mobile telephone number and click send. Easy and fast you have your favorite ringtone.. "This is not a subscription service! Costs for example: (UK): By 0906-number: £ 3,50 Are you under 16? Ask permission from your parents. ..."


NEW Ringtones!- Our Ringtones are available in de following countries: Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, United States.


This is not a subscription service!,Dies ist kein Abo-Service!,Ce n'est pas un service d'abonnement!


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Costs ringtones

Costs (UK):

By 0906-number: £ 3,50


Costs (NL):

By 0900-nummer: € 2,60


Costs (DE):

Mit dem 09003-Nummer: € 4,00


Coût: (FR):

(€ 1,35 per appèl + € 0,34 per minute, 40 sec.)